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Mineral wool panels

URSA AIR mineral wool stiff panels for the construction of air conditioning and/or ventilation ducts, meeting UNE-EN 14303 regulations, with extra InCare technology protection.

Evolve, protect, breathe. Air-conditioning solutions designed to take care of people's health.
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Benefits of mineral wool panels

In addition to improving the quality of indoor air, the new URSA technology is designed to provide the best possible provisions and benefits for professionals and end users alike.

Mejora la calidad del aire

Improves air quality

Ventilation and air conditioning are key elements when it comes to ensuring good quality air and comfort in enclosed spaces. Thanks to our copper ion based InCare technology, the highest possible quality and safety of the internal air running through the duct wall surfaces is guaranteed.

Excelente aislamiento térmico

Excellent thermal insulation

The ducts built from URSA AIR panels are thermally pre-insulated and guarantee significant energy savings thanks to a thermal insulation of 0.78 W/mk to 1.25 W/mk, depending on the thickness of the panel.

Excelente aislamiento acústico

Excellent acoustic insulation

The URSA AIR Zero mineral wool panels offer excellent sound absorption, thanks to their internal Zero acoustic lining, the perfect solution to help reduce noise travelling through ducts.

Excelentes valores de reacción al fuego

Excellent fire rating

The URSA AIR panels have an A2-s1, d0 fire rating, for the fire-resistant products and B-s1, d0 for the rest of the range, offering excellent safety assurances against fire, way above the required regulations.

Fácil instalación y mantenimiento

Easy installation and maintenance

Direct installation, easy to cut, and weighing 80% less than traditional galvanised sheet ducts. All URSA AIR ducts can be cleaned as per normal.

Materia prima reciclada

Recycled raw material

The «Distintiu de Garantia de Qualitat Ambiental» of the Directorate General of Environmental Quality at the Department of Environment and Housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya, specifies that at least 50% of the glass used to produce the mineral wool is recycled.

Air conditioning and ventilation ducts for superior air quality

Buildings can be hotspots for the spreading of illnesses due to the presence of microparticles in the air. This, along with the large number of people living in these enclosed spaces, mean that solutions need to be found to maintain and improve air quality.

InCare technology offers building residents a superior indoor air quality.


Tests and certifications

The URSA AIR panels with InCare technology have been subject to the following research and have been awarded the following certificates:

URSA, committed to sustainability

URSA solutions help to reduce the energy demands within buildings. Insulation means residents reduce their energy consumption

They also contribute to people’s wellbeing, help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, and lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.

Areas of use



Hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, and shops



Hospitals, medical centres, and care homes

Cultura y deporte

Culture and sport

Theatres, cinemas, museums, and gyms



Factories, logistics centres, and warehouses




URSA AIR range now with InCare technology for climatisation and ventilation.

Check here the technical data sheet to know in detail its features and performance.

Panel Alu-Alu InCare P5858


Panel Alu-Alu P5858

Panel Zero InCare P8858


Panel Zero P8858

Panel Zero InCare P8858


Panel Zero A2

Panel Zero InCare P8858


Panel Alu-Tech2 P8058


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