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Innovation of indoor air quality service to protect people’s health

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During the last few decades, the quality of our outdoor air has been one of the main global concerns. The increased time we now spend in enclosed spaces makes it essential to find ways of improving the quality of indoor air while not compromising on comfort.

That’s why, at URSA, we have developed InCare technology. This innovation falls in line with our commitment to create insulation and air conditioning solutions that offer extra protection for people’s health. 

We are all about innovation and sustainability to improve people’s life quality and to help the environment.


URSA technological innovation,
designed for people

The new copper ion based URSA technology, applied to different construction materials, quickly reduces the spread of microbes through the air and provides extra protection against viruses and bacteria.

Innovación tecnológica URSA
Inactivación microbiana

Microbial inactivation

Reduces the risk of allergies and infectious diseases.


Excellent durability

The copper’s inhibitory action lasts throughout its service life.


Safe materials

They do not harm your health or the environment.


Inhibits the build up and growth of microorganism: air quality matters


Protection, durability, and safety for your projects

InCare technology is based on the bacterial properties of copper and works very simply. In the next link we give a step by step explanation on what the technology applied to the mineral wool of our solutions actually does.


Quality certification

Research carried out by an independent research centre in accordance with ISO 20743:2013 regulations, guarantees that the new URSA AIR panels with InCare technology are able to reduce bacterias by more than 99.99% on internal duct wall surfaces.

Thanks to the speed and effectiveness of the biocide, we are able to better look after the quality of the air circulating within the air conditioning and ventilation ducts.

URSA AIR range now with InCare technology for climatisation and ventilation

Logo InCare

URSA AIR with InCare technology

Thanks to the installation of URSA AIR air conditioning systems, the quality of indoor air is improved reducing the presence of microbes in enclosed spaces.

The excellent thermal and acoustic insulation features along with the fire-resistance properties offered by the URSA AIR range, now with the extra protection of InCare technology.

Discover the new products

Mineral wool panels

Discover the new products

Mineral wool panels

Innovation and future vision

At URSA we believe in innovation to help improve people’s life quality which is why we use R+D+i to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s sustainability, efficiency, and safety challenges. These efforts are what are behind InCare technology which increases the air quality of enclosed spaces.

Download our catalogue and discover the wide range of certified references provided by the URSA range.

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Committed to sustainability

URSA solutions contribute to improving the energy efficiency ratings of buildings, which are responsible for 30% of CO2 emissions in Spain. If you want to see our sustainability policies, click on the following link.

“Millions of citizens within the WHO’s European Region spend around 90% of their time indoors: at home (66% of their time), at work, school, or in public spaces.”
Regional WHO Office in Europe

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